Racism Is Learned

If we truly want racism to stop we have to start being the role model in our families, our schools and in our communities. Children are learning racism in their lives and watching the adults in their lives.
I have always been a great advocate for stopping any behaviour that was at all disrespectful. When I was a guidance Counsellor in my schools I called out students who were rude, disrespectful or racist. There were many times that I took students into my office and found out that they had no idea that they were being racist or rude. So often they were just repeating what they had heard other people saying. When they realized what they were actually saying they very quickly apologized for their mistakes.
Let us all be more vigilant about our actions and our words and stop people who are being disrespectful. It is our responsibility to be the person who models respect and empathy and compassion.

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