Prosperity Comes With Hard Work

John Maxwell’s minute with Maxwell spoke about how prosperity can only come with hard work and sowing the seed. It’s the seed that replenishes and grows, it’s not the sower of the seed. What you sow you reap. All of us want to do well, to be successful. To prosper, you have to sow the seed. Unless you put the seed in the ground, there is no growth.
This makes a great deal of sense to me. Having grown up on the farm, I have sown a lot of seeds, literally, but it also makes sense to me as an educator. In order to feel successful as an educator, you have to sow the seeds of inspiration, kindness, caring and humility for your students to be successful learners. You have to make the learning meaningful and empower the students to take responsibility for their own learning. And, that means you have to work hard for others to prosper. And, when others prosper, you prosper as an educator.

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