Practice Gratitude Daily

I practice gratitude many times a day. I read recently that when you have a negative experience, think about what you are grateful for, and the negative experience becomes less negative. I have actually done this many times, and it works.
Gifford Thomas posted an article about gratitude recently that was a lovely story of how one man makes a difference to thousands in his company and to others around the world. This leader of a company of 1200 people, writes birthday cards to every person in his company. He has noticed that these cards make his employees treat each other kinder and that they pay it forward. He also helps people around the world when disaster strikes like floods, famines, you name it, he helps them.
Such kindness is great to read about when we are more likely to read of all the misery in the world today.
I challenge you to start a gratitude practice. Just name the things you are grateful for and it will improve your daily experiences. Another way to do this is to have a gratitude jar and on days when you struggle to be grateful, pull out one of your previous slips of gratitude and use it to be grateful for this day!
I am grateful that you are reading my posts and would love to know your thoughts!

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