Powerful Coaching Tips

Coaching people can be one of the most rewarding things you do with your life. There’s nothing like helping other people gain clarity, discover hidden talents, and step into their zone of genius.
There are many people who say they want to achieve great results. But more often than not, they need someone to help them stay accountable to their goals and growth plans.
Paul Martinelli posted the following common traits that he has seen in the most successful coaches:
1. Make People Development Your Top Priority.
The time it takes for growth varies from person to person, so keep your eye on “people development” rather than hard=and=fast results. When you make developing people your leading goal, they’ll be able to sense it, and the results will naturally flow.

2. Limit Who You Take Along.
Focus on the top 20 percent of the people around you. Doing this creates a culture of growth, and you’ll stop spreading yourself too thin while seeing more results in your efforts.

3. Ask Great Questions.
Coaching is actually about asking questions so people can discover the next steps for themselves. Consider using these questions in your next coaching session:
1. What is the greatest lesson you have learned? This allows you to tap into someone’s wisdom.
2. What are you learning now? This allows you to discover a person’s passion.
3. How has failure shaped your life? This gives you insight into a person’s attitude.
4. Who do you know whom I should read? This allows you to engage or discover a person’s network.
5. What have you read that I should read? This gives you insight into a person’s growth plan.
6. What have you done that I should do? This gives you insight into a person’s experience.
7. How can I add value to you? This shows your gratitude and desire to add value to them.

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