Nine Things Successful People Do

I found the following list on LinkedIn today, but cannot find the author. However, it is a list worth sharing. Here it is:
1. Successful people (S.P.) don’t adhere to set hours. They put in the necessary time to ensure success.
2. S.P. Don’t take weekends off. They still work on weekends if necessary and make time for what matters most. Family. Health. Learning.
3. S.P. Don’t lament about other people’s success, they embrace it. They celebrate others’ success and desire being around other people who strive to be their best.
4. S.P. Don’t make excuses, they learn from their mistakes and don’t stop trying until they get it right. They make mistakes, but setbacks aren’t a requirement and they certainly aren’t a death sentence.
5. S.P. Don’t delight in other people’s misfortune. They genuinely desire success for everyone and have compassion for those who struggle.
6. S.P. Don’t shy away from routine because they understand discipline is imperative.
7. S.P. Don’t wake up believing failure isn’t imminent. They are eternal optimists. They embrace obstacles, and failure never becomes fatal. It’s a learning opportunity.
8. S.P. Don’t complain about missed opportunities. They create their opportunities.
9. S.P. Don’t dwell on things they can’t control. They focus on things they can control.

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