Never Punish Loyal Employees for Being Honest

Brigette Hyacinth posted the following points about the importance of ‘Listening’ and ‘Humility’ in a great leader:

Be Humble

Many people think humility is a weakness, but it actually takes strength. It makes you approachable. The more humble you are, the more the team members would be motivated to share their suggestions and recommendations with you.
One of the best employee engagement tools is transparency. To be transparent requires a 2-way communication, therefore, feedback from employees is most important. Honesty creates a solid platform to building a relationship of trust and loyalty. When you receive feedback, act on it. It helps improve employee morale.


The ego must go. Build a strong team and surround yourself with smart passionate and highly motivated people.

Keep Learning

Great leaders recognize that they need to keep learning. Additionally, treat everyone you meet with respect.

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