Mentorship Challenges

I find LinkedIn a very helpful, educational media site. Last week I listened to a speaker talk about how to evaluate and implement change in any group or organization. The key lesson for me was the 3 questions you must ask yourselves about the change process. They are:
1. Why? What is your purpose, goal, vision and group?
2. How? How will you proceed to create this change? For example, as a mentor to 7 educators, I challenge them to the process of “I do, We do, You do.” We role-model, plan, debrief and collaborate through role plays, empowering others in our group, creating an aligned culture of our new change and ask ourselves as a group who we are.
3. What? We consider our long term goals, important metrics, path to what we want to learn yet, consider our quality world pictures, identify measures of success and identify our tools.
Upon discussion of the above questions today, my group of protégés held a most meaningful, playful, and rich professional discussion which is on-going throughout the year.

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