Make the Change You Want to See

I love learning each day I wake up. I’ve long ago decided that I want to be a life-long learner. Learning is energizing and exciting and fun! I never used to think that in high school. However, since graduating as an educator, guidance Counsellor, I have never stopped learning. I think that’s why I still feel mesmerized by learning not only from books, but from students, other educators, leaders on LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook daily. Today’s minute with Maxwell was about the word “Resurrect.” Maxwell says that to resurrect is to make a positive change. Wherever you are, you have the power to make a new ending, a change, to resurrect. Ask yourself, what do you want to change? Start slow, and make progress daily. My change is to learn everything possible about Mindful Leadership and Marketing. I believe I’m meant to spread “peace” wherever I go and to whomever I meet each day. I plan to be the change I want to see in the world around me daily.

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