Love Liberates

This morning I watched Maya Angelou speak about “Love Liberates” on You-Tube. She said at 17 years of age, after she had a son, she told her mother she was leaving home. Her mother just said, “Do right. And remember you can always come home.” Angelou said her mother liberated her to life. That is true love. She went home once a month. Her mother told her that she was the greatest woman she had ever met. Angelou thought, my mother doesn’t lie. Maybe she’s right. She said that her mother released her. She had freed her to believe that maybe she had something to give to the world. And, when her mother was on her dying days, she was able to release her as well. When we truly love someone, we give them the opportunity to be liberated, to make a difference in this world. That is our responsibility in life, to make sure to be there for our children and release them to be free to make a difference in their lives. Love liberates those we love.

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