Love Interview

Interview between Oprah Winfrey and Ram Dass …

The Maharaji had just read Ram Dass’ mind.

Oprah: If he knows that, then he knows me. He knows all my secrets.

Ram Dass: And I looked up at him and he was looking at me with unconditional love, unconditional love. He was loving me totally. It had never happened before. People love you because you’re a good boy, you’re a good friend. And he was loving me, all of me, all the stuff of me that I never wanted anybody to know.

Oprah: Right that’s what everybody fears, “if you really knew me.” If you really knew me, you wouldn’t really love me.

Ram: Exactly. And this, he knew me, and he loved me. And I found myself saying, “home again.”

Oprah: How do you explain that when you sat in front of the Maharaji, you not only felt love, but became love, and loved people too?

Ram: He mirrored my soul. And me me identify with my soul and not my ego. This was who I thought I was and who I was really. And he said, “I want you to love everybody.”

Oprah: So, you came back to spread the love, the message of love?

Ram: Yes.

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