Live Mindfully in Each Moment

STOP!!! Yes…… Stop living in some moment which is in the past or worry about a moment which is in the future. This moment is yours and it is your life right now. Utilize it, cherish it, enjoy it. Most of the time we never fully present in the now; because consciously or unconsciously we believe that the next movement which is going to come must be more important than this present moment. By living this way we miss our whole life, which is never not “now.” And that’s a self-activation for some folks, to realize that your life is only ever “now,” present moment.
This is a challenge for all of us but I try to live mindfully each day and keep having to remind myself that each moment I can make a difference to someone in my day. My blog today was inspired by Jyoti Gupta on LinkedIn. Thanks Jyoti!

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