Listen More Than Speak

This morning I listened to a video of someone who was a leader but developed spasmodic dysphonia, which prevented him from speaking. He said that this challenged him to become more of a listener and to ask questions when his team asked him questions. He realized that people actually have answers to their own questions but need to be empowered by their leaders to believe in themselves. This made him realize that each of his employees can become leaders in their own rights as long as they felt empowered by their leaders.
This certainly reminds me of one of Covey’s 7 habits of successful people, listen with your ears, eyes and heart. There are so many people who just need a listener to hear their question, someone who empowers them to answer their own question. I have found this true, not only as a guidance Counsellor, but also as a friend, wife, mother and grandmother.
So, let’s all try to become better listeners today and empower the people we meet.

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