Lifelong Learning is Important

I’ve always desired to be a lifelong learner. And, believe me, I’m doing that daily through books, social media, friends, colleagues, you name it! I long for learning.
John C. Maxwell posted a Minute With Maxwell where he stressed the importance of developing ourselves. He said getting better must be intentional. You intentionally want to do better. You actually have to get out of the intending world and get into the developing world. Just Act! Become a person of action today.
Other ways that I have enjoyed developing my skills is by being a mentor to other colleagues. If you are a mentor, it’s amazing how much you gain from each other.
Also, I have been giving workshops for 20 plus years and I can honestly say that I always learn from my students. When I present something, each person in the class comes from a different set of experiences which adds to the team learning each day.
When I spent a week at a school last week, I learnt not only from the students but from the staff and parents. It was so very fascinating working with students from Kindergarten to 8th grade.
Something I love teaching is Taking Care of Each Other created by Jacki Vincent. You can teach this in small groups or entire classrooms. I met the small groups of students every day during the week and I could see them developing in many social-emotional ways. And while they were learning, I was developing my skills as well.

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