Let Go Of Control

As teachers we need to learn how to let go of our need to ‘control’ the class. There is a fine line between control and letting natural learning happen for each child’s learning style. I think it’s like a dance. There’s a leader and a partner, follower, but both must be in sinc with each other.
If children are walking around the room, then these children need to move in order to learn.
Those who are staring out the window while you are talking are not auditory learners and the child who is always fidgeting in class needs a more tactile approach to his or her learning.
When we let go as teachers and loosen the reigns on our need to have control, we learn valuable insights into how our children learn and what their needs are.
Gavin McCormack states, “Like trying to tie up water, post someone a gift of sunlight or capture wind in a box, the child needs to be set free, to be observed and to be understood for a teacher to truly allow him/her to reach their full potential.”
We can learn a great deal about our children during free play. Make time for it, set your children free, say yes and allow the children to tell you how they like to be taught.

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