Leaders Make Mistakes

Leadership First posted an article on the importance of leaders to admit their mistakes and show their people that they learn from their mistakes. This is what I have always taught in my opportunities to teach in my classrooms, in workshops and as a mother and grandmother.
When leaders are honest about their shortfalls and can learn from their mistakes, they earn respect and along the way, create an environment of transparency.
As any great leader will tell you, they have made many mistakes. They will admit that if was the collective insight from bad decisions that taught them invaluable lessons – and how to see opportunities in everything and anticipate the unexpected more quickly according to Glen Llopis.
When I make mistakes, I often will say, “Oops, I made a mistake, I wonder what I can learn from this mistake?” Such an example will help your people to admit mistakes and learn from them.
Don’t dwell on your mistakes, learn from them, and use the experience to propel you and your team to even higher heights.
Leadership First says, “Don’t carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise about them.”

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