It’s Your Choice

Today, the word that seems to pop up everywhere I look, is “Choice.” Over the years, I have enjoyed teaching Choice Theory, created by William Glasser. I have purchased numerous books on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, as well as many books by Glasser’s network of followers. Glasser writes that we do have choices and that whatever behavior you display is by your choice. The quote by Woody Hayes, “…The difference in winning or losing is what you do with those hours.” Unfortunately our society is a ‘blame’ society which children learn through the adults’ behavior seen on television, newspapers and politicians, not to mention whoever is in their lives, their parents and educators. Glasser writes, “Choice theory explains the whole mechanism of genetic needs, the pain associated with their frustration, and the choices we make to deal with this frustration.” Happiness is all about your relationships with not only yourself but others in your life. So, I challenge you to make the right choices, treat others with the kindness you wish to see in others.

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