It is Important to Venture

The definition of “Venture” is to take risks, to dare to go out of your comfort zone. I believe it is important to take risks that make you uncomfortable. Without risks, nothing would ever be invented. Taking risks, venturing has led to much creativity, beauty and new relationships. Presently, I risked becoming and being an accountability partner and we’ve met by phone twice now. She is part of my NeuroGym network group. So, we have a lot in common but also a lot of differences. She is taking education Training but also has an on-line business, The Peace Pillow Project. So, her goal is to improve her website based on John Asaraf’s book, Building a Story Brand. My goal is to learn more about and do more marketing in a smart way. I plan to purchase Asaraf’s book and learn from it. We try to meet once a week and hold each other accountable to goals we identify each week. Without both of us being willing to “Venture” we would not have met. So, I dare you to “Venture.”

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