Is Fear Negative or Positive?

The Oxford dictionary states that “Fear” is panic or distress caused by exposure to danger, expectation of pain, etc. So, our mind is hardwired to protect us from danger. When we fear, our reptilian brain takes over and does all in its power to protect us from the danger it perceives may happen to us. In that case, “Fear” is a positive protection. However, to live in fear could be preventing us from living the quality life we were meant to live passionately, making a difference for others. My LinkedIn friend, John Dumholt said we must become aware of where “Fear” manifests itself in our body. We need to seek understanding without judgement. Fear is not in our rational mind so, understanding its origin is extremely important to our health and well-being. In my NeuroGym Network, John Asaraf admonishes us to become aware of our “Fears” and locate the origin and reality in order to move forward, acknowledging their existence and inviting the “Fears” to leave us for growth and success.

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