International Women’s Day

Today is International women’s day in some parts of the world. Tomorrow is international women’s day in other parts of the world. However you look at it, every day should be international women’s day.

I think of all the women who have inspired me to be who I am and am most grateful for each of them. My mother was a quiet, unassuming person who allowed me to make mistakes without judgment. I didn’t realize how much she inspired me until later in my life. She struggled through adversity from the day she was born. Her parents wanted her to be a boy. Then, her in-laws and her new community didn’t accept her. I could go on about her adversities but, needless to say, my mother survived and conquered them quietly and bravely.

Then, I have learned so very much from my female educators and colleagues. I became a teacher because a female teacher believed in me when all others didn’t. I became a guidance Counsellor with the mentorship of a female Counsellor. Then, I became a leader in education through the guidance of many female leaders.

Today I honor the many wonderful women who mentored and guided me along the path to leadership.

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