Infinite Mindset

Simon Sinek spoke on YouTube about how an “Infinite Mindset” helps us when crises occur. He said that when someone tells you that we’ll have a hurricane or storm, we know we’ll get through it.

Life will not be the same as before, it will be different. We don’t know how. This has happened before, after W.W.1, streaming put all video stores out of business. Starbucks helped Mom & Pop coffee shops become more popular. But you have to stay positive and have an ‘infinite mindset’ for the changing times. If not, you will die.

Just as now, during our COVID-19 epidemic, we must have an ‘infinite mindset’. You must ask yourself what skill sets do we have to adapt? As the restaurant in New Your adapted by changing the waiters’ jobs rather than firing them. Since their restaurant began cooking for take out orders and deliveries, they changed the waiters’ job from serving tables to packing, preparing, delivering and answering phones.

Times will never be the same as before the COVID-10 around the world. So, let us be prepared to change as we must to be able to survive in a new life style.

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