I Am Lucky

I know that I am the luckiest woman in the world! Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my youngest granddaughter. You see, we have this tradition that we take each of our grandchildren shopping for their birthdays and Christmas. This gives us one on one time with each of them which is difficult when all four are over. Brenna is turning 17 in November and she is becoming an amazingly mature teenager. We had the most wonderful discussions about family, friends, education, part time jobs, you name it, we discussed it. She not only is an amazing athlete, she is now choosing to learn to become an assistant coach for girls’ football and volunteer for Rugby. I believe having your kids involved in sports helps them learn about the natural highs that you get when you participate in team sports. Our oldest granddaughter, Kate is also an amazing athlete and received a rugby scholarship at University of Calgary this year. Both girls have given us grandparents years of pleasure and pride in their tenacity as well as perseverance and determination! We are lucky grandparents!

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