I Am Incredible Success

Yesterday was a beautiful day of learning and mindfulness for me. I watched world renowned Natalie Lydwell & Mary Morrisey on Mindfulness once more. They are a dynamic duo! Their message is wisely quoted by many successful entrepreneurs. One thing I’ve learned from Natalie that I’ve also done is creating a Vision Board. I’ve already received several of my wants and am constantly revising the words to fit my pictures daily, many times a day.
I also am a follower of Mark Waldman on John Asaraf’s NeuroGym website. Yesterday Mark’s teaching was on how to interrupt/respond to negative thoughts. His advice is 1) Ignore them, 2) Close your eyes, stretch, yawn, stroke the palms of your hands slowly because you cannot worry and feel positive at the same time. 3) Analyze the negative thought, it’s history, origin. 4) Practice the art of acceptance, just accept them. 5) Practice Self-Love, kindness, caring, compassion on yourself. 6) Be Grateful – Breathe, Teach kindness. 7) Create a 5-1 Positivitiy Ratio – Write down 3 – 5 things that are positive in your life – e.g. family, home, health, etc.

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