How Parents Can Use the Montessori Method During Lockdown

During times of uncertainty, it is difficult to predict what tomorrow brings. But with countries around the world enforcing lockdown and school closures, the Montessori method of education may be your answer to developing a home education routine based on independence, routine and project based learning.
Here’s what you need to do to establish a home environment that allows parents to continue to work from home, while their children learn independently.
1. Ask your school for a curriculum overview.
2. Make a designated learning space in your house.
3. Have a family meeting and set the boundaries and expectations.
4. Make sure you have an abundance of materials available to your child.
5. Discuss the non-negotiables.
6. Make a timetable.
7. Discuss options of what to do, when your children don’t know what to do next.
8. Allow your children to have a break.
9. Use technology to your advantage.
10. Encourage collaboration where possible.
11. Make sure you read your children’s work, check it and provide positive feedback.
12. Use this 1 – 1 time to observe your child and build life skills.

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