Honor All Students

I just read an article about a couple of high schools In New Zealand that are in the most poverty stricken schools in New Zealand but are educating students to feel honoured and proud of themselves. Here’s what they said.
“This is my seventh school and it’s my favourite,” said one of the teachers of the school.
“Everyone is comfortable – it’s family-based. Like, if I need a ride or I’m in trouble I can go to a teacher,” said another.
“Our principal is so inclusive. He’s not Maori, but he acknowledges different cultures.”
“No one is ashamed to be who they are.”
“In other schools, there is still a lot of racism. They can feel left out and be ashamed, and they don’t have any opportunity to speak their language.”
“There’s a student support centre so if we’re hungry or need clothing we go there. There’s also a lot of help mentally – a school guidance, a nurse.”
This is literally what all schools should be like, a place where everyone feels honoured and safe and included.
Fortunately, I know of several schools in Winnipeg that have the same kind of leadership. Leadership must be the kind that empowers not only the educators but also the students and their community.

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