Go Through Life Daring!

J.C.Maxwell has a YouTube video about “Daring.” He says that Daring means courage, taking risks! We admire daring people because sometimes their actions are like what we would like to do but don’t always have the courage to do. Sometimes when they take great risks, we admire them and the only thing you can ask yourself is, “What is it that you could do today that you haven’t had the courage to do yet?”
I am a risk-taker and believe me, not all of my risk-taking has worked out right! However, we have one kick at this life, and I mean to make it a daring one. Pretty much every day, I challenge myself to make a difference to someone in my day! I have a mantra that says, “I am wealthy in money, mind, body, heart and soul.” I have been repeating this mantra for two and a half years already, and believe me, it is working! I feel incredibly wealthy in all of the above and you should too!
I believe the universe is bringing me all that I need and want each day!

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