Give Your Child Responsibilities

In one of his posts on LinkedIn, Gavin McCormack stated that, “By allowing your child to pack and carry their own bag to school, you are teaching them about responsibility, independence and self-regulation.”
Giving our children responsibilities such as packing their bags helps them learn to prioritize what they do or don’t need to bring with them in their bags. They will figure out how heavy they want their bag to be and figure out what is truly important to bring along to school each day.
When you give your child the job of packing and carrying their own bag, you show them that you trust them and you’re teaching them that they have to make choices for themselves, and you are empowering them to feel independent and capable people.
Although it may seem that you can do those jobs quicker and easier, don’t give in to the habits and temptations of making life easy for your child. The more problems that your children solve for themselves, the more pride and learning pleasure you are allowing them to experience.

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