Fulfilling My Dreams Fulfills My Spirit

Today, during my 14th day of meditation, Oprah and Deepak wrote the following, “As our consciousness wakes up to its true nature, our mind and emotions begin to reveal their latest spiritual qualities as well: love, compassion, inspiration, wisdom and peace.” Their mantra today was, “I radiate spiritual and material abundance.” My ah-ha was that it’s okay and beautiful to to radiate both spiritual and material desires. I think I grew up thinking I was not worthy of the material abundance. For many years I’ve been doing innercising with John Asaraf, reading Brene Brown, listening to Wayne Dyer’s audiotapes, doing the 21 day meditation challenge with Oprah and Deepak, and much more. There is a common message from all of these leaders. We are all worthy of spiritual and material abundance. Henry Ford said, “Failure is just feedback.” Our society brainwashes us to believe that failure is weakness and when you fail you are not worthy! I now believe in my heart that I am worthy in spite of my imperfections! Let’s teach our children this extremely important belief!

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