Do You See Problems or Solutions?

I have long believed that whenever you are faced with a problem, there is a solution waiting for you to discover. It’s like the question, “Do you see your glass half empty or half full?”

Although the solution is not generally abundantly clear, an open, creative mind keeps looking for it. Usually there is also a lesson for us to learn. When faced with a problem, I often ask myself, “What am I meant to learn from this?”

John Maxwell spoke of the word obedience today on Minute With Maxwell and at first I struggled with the word. However, he spoke of obedience meaning to be a server to the leadership of the enterprise, to the people. Then Maxwell further clarified that obedience means living on the other side of “Yes.” As a service to the people, your first response is “yes” rather than “no.”

This is certainly a glass half full kind of attitude. When we as leaders are challenged by the people, our students or our employees, we can say “Yes if.” This attitude of possibilities is much more successful than an attitude of negativity. As leaders we always need to be positive and learn daily. See the solution when faced with a problem. It’s also a lot more fun.

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