Do You Have to Like Your Colleagues?

Yes! In Michael Labun’s post on LinkedIn this morning, I read the following two solutions to this issue:
1. Stop telling your employees they don’t have to like each other. Encourage them to focus away from what they dislike about the person, and have them concentrate on the kind of person they want to be – a useful team member, helpful resource and a supportive co-worker.
2. Help staff resolve conflicts. Train conflict resolution and coach your leaders on how to guide others through conflict without getting caught in the conflict triangles.
Naturally you cannot force people to feel a particular way about anything, and that includes relationships at work. However, it’s important to steer your people away from the attitude that it doesn’t matter how they feel about each other, and towards the attitude that team issues should be resolved whenever possible.
Source, Mike Labun, Trainer, Co-author – The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work.

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