Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations

On LinkedIn today, Gifford Thomas posted the following thoughts on “Difficult Roads” and tenacity of will and hope and dreams.
“Do not give up on your dreams, your vision or on your greatness. Everyone is special and if you believe it with every fibre of your body, that you were created for a particular purpose, don’t give up, pursue your passion with drive and a sense of urgency because nothing worth having comes easy.
The road may be challenging, the obstacles may be too much to bear at times but keep strong. It will all come together at the end.
Take it from a guy who experienced it all; heartache, unnecessary worrying, doubts and mistakes; believe me it all comes to strengthen you and prepare you for that next phase in your development and the icing on the cake; the reward is sweeter at the end.”
Thanks Gifford Thomas! I needed this today!

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