Daily Gratitude is Crucial

So much of what I read these days is a reminder that we must be daily grateful for our life, be it our health wealth of happiness and success or whatever. I personally have a mantra that I repeat many times a day.
When I go for my daily walks I feel not only fortunate to have my health but also that I live in a safe neighbourhood.
I am most grateful for a healthy body, mind, heart and soul. I am also extremely grateful for our friends and family.
I am also very grateful for my career that has allowed me to teach, counsel, mentor and give workshops around the world.
I love being amongst nature. Nature feeds my whole being. Someone once asked me what I do when I’m stressed. My answer was easy! I go for walks. Walking helps me forget about the stress and helps me put things into Perspective.
I highly recommend going for walks as often as you can.

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