Crisis & Creativity

When I listened to John Maxwell this morning, I was inspired by his challenge to make any crisis lead you to become creative.

Most often when crisis occurs in our lives, we go to despair which is because we go into our fight/flight mode. We automatically go to our stem in order to survive. We’ve inherited this behaviour from primitive man. They needed to go to fight/flight in order to survive any attacks physically.

However, modern man seldom needs to run or fight wild animals. And we have developed our frontal lobe which is where we think creatively. In order to get from our stem, we need to change our thinking. Rather than staying in despair, we need to think positive thoughts. We need to think of the best, not the worst. Think of what’s going well for you during this crisis.

Sara Westbrook posted an article on LinkedIn about going into a slump during this pandemic. Her experience has been from the crisis Of suddenly not having work, to creative visioning of what she wants to how can I get there. She said she now has an on-line program for her clients and she is enjoying it tremendously.

Therefore, although the pandemic has changed how we do work, we need to embrace the change and think creatively.

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