Creative Thinking

So, this morning every message on Facebook, LinkedIn and the newspaper speaks of creative thinking. I have long been convinced that creative thinking skills are mandatory for successful leadership, relationships, education, teaching, you name it! As a teacher/guidance Counsellor/mentor, my imagination has been my benefit, one of my reasons for success. We must see the possibility and hope in every person we meet. We must remain curious and creative if we are to be successful as educators, leaders, parents and friends! Always be the person who, when there’s a fence, be the first to jump over it to see the possibilities! Rita Pierson’s Ted Talk on “Every child deserves a chance.” It is a powerful message about believing that each child can succeed, no matter how poorly they’ve done until they arrive in your classroom. This message is more powerful and necessary than ever. The same holds true for us as leaders, parents and friends! You can make a difference by believing, imagining and modeling successful, creative thinking!

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