Courageous Parenting/Leadership

Throughout my years of working with students, parents, educators, administrators and leaders, I have seen many kinds of parenting and leadership styles. I guarantee all parents and leaders want to be successful in their relationships with their role as a leader and guide. However, not all are successful. I especially know as a parent myself, my relationship with my children was not always what I dreamt it would be. However, I have studied and read and learnt about parenting, guiding and leadership over the years and have found many useful methods that have allowed me to have successful relationships with my family, friends and colleagues. I now offer a course on Empowered Parenting. We need to learn how to stop reacting and start listening and questioning. To understand what drives negative behaviour, to empower others to find solutions to their difficulties, to help teams work through the kind of relationships they want to have with others and themselves and the purpose, passion that they were meant to share with others are some of the exercises participants will engage in when they take this training.

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