Choose Your Mentors Wisely

We all need mentors who can help us continue to grow each day. When you have stopped growing, or making a value addition to your role and want to make a change, be cognizant of the concept of growth mindset and while doing so also figure out not about where this job is taking you, but a sense of direction, where it can take you in the next few years and whether it fits into your long term scheme of things. Of course in this model, depending upon the position, 2 factors will always play key role in permutation and combinations. Here is where good Mentors can act as guides.
Another very important factor would also take its toll here and that is LUCK which has least to do with destiny and I define it as Labor under Correct Knowledge. Mentors play a very important role here. They can be ours friend, philosopher and guide and help us understand the larger perspective and also teach us tricks of the trade. Great coaches are a fountain of knowledge …it depends on us whether we leverage them to drink or sip or just to gargle and as we all know that the best teachers will not give you something to drink, they will make you thirsty. They will put us on a path to seek answers.

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