Check Your Beliefs And Habits

John Asaraf says, “Whatever you believe is truth for us but it is not THE TRUTH.” You learn what to believe from others in your life. If a belief is a neuropattern right in the brain, it will be positive. We may have powerful beliefs that help us, but others that may not empower us. Asaraf says that it takes 66 – 365 days to form a new habit. To form a new habit, we must use intrinsic and extrinsic methods. The switch cost is our resistance to change. We have to coax the brain to change. You will only make the change if you want to let go of the pain. To form a daily, weekly habit, repeat your new habit daily, weekly with lots of pictures and goals visible to you in the morning and evening when you brush your teeth. They must become a mantra first in your mind, then in your actions or behavior. For simple habits to form it takes at least 66 days. For more complicated habits, it may take 365 days. Have courage and become the best person you can be.

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