Best Class Rules for a Teacher

This morning I came across an article by Gavin McCormack, a principal at Farmhouse Montessori School, Hold Yourself Accountable. He decided to make some class rules, not for the children but for himself. Here’s what he pledged:
1. I will not judge you based on the past. Let’s scrap history.
2. I will never send you to the principal’s office. You’re my class, your problems are my problems.
3. I’m here if you want to talk.
4. I will not allow you to badmouth or discriminate other students.
5. Grades mean nothing to me, your growth is what I care about. How far have you come?
6. I will never raise my voice or get angry at you. But I might get upset or let down.
7. I will try my best to be here each and every day.
8. I will always tell you to keep going and never give up.
9. I will prepare well, so your lessons are fun.
10. I will never humiliate you in front of your friends.
11. I’m here.

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