Be Intentional

To be “Intentional” you must make a plan for your day and follow it mindfully. Some people accept their life, thinking they have no choice in the matter of what happens to them and what their journey is to become. I do believe we are the only people who are in charge of our lives. We must make sure we follow our passion. We are all, each of us, born to make a difference in our world. In order to make that difference each day, we must be sure to be present, mindful of each moment, living an “Intentional” life. I have a vision board in my home and have impressed it in my mind so that wherever I go, I repeat the mantra many times in my day. And, I am mindfully grateful for all that I can do and that I can be for those whom I meet each day. My goal is to be a mindful leader to all whom I encounter. I plan to be “Intentional.”

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