Be a Person of Integrity

The Oxford dictionary defines “Integrity” as uprightness; honesty; wholeness; soundness. In Chuck Swindoll’s quote about what integrity is, he says it is being authentic. I believe we, as educators, parents, leaders and/or employers must be clear about what our expectations are of each person whom we teach, guide or parent. As a mentor, I try to be as clear as possible of my job and of their job and also about our job. Role expectations alleviate so very much misunderstanding and lead to growth and happiness in our homes, schools and businesses. I like the idea of a Venn diagram which identifies our roles as individuals and as a team. In the Restitution training we called it creating a Social Contract. Others call this Clear expectations, Jobs clarifications, or as one of my protégés in a school calls it, Our Treaty. If you want intrinsic motivation, this treaty needs to come from the students, employees, team members and families. Try it!

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