Are You Trustworthy?

I believe that one of the highest compliments you can receive from a colleague, friend or family member is that you are “Trustworthy.” To me, it means that I can be counted on, I am credible and virtuous. As a mother, grandmother, friend and colleague, I strive to be “Trustworthy” to all whom I encounter. Unfortunately, there are those who are not dependable in their employment, family or for their friends. To be trustworthy, you must have earned others’ trust. That takes time, patience and experience. Those of us who have had a variety of positions in careers know that each change means that we must do our best to obtain the trust of those we encounter in our new positions. If you can answer, “Yes, trust me,” the rest is a given. We must constantly be mindful of those we encounter and practice being the trustworthy listener and colleague, friend and leader who can be trusted.

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