A Teacher’s Mantra

If you stop and thing long enough about what your true goal is as an educator, you will eventually come to the conclusion that the ultimate achievement for any educator is “world peace”.
When I read Gavin McCormack’s email on a ‘teacher’s mantra’ I felt an immediate kinship with his thoughts. I have always felt a passion for creating peace with my students. I used to teach students about being Peacekeepers on the playground and always told them that they were the instruments of beginning peace in the world by helping our school community to learn to be peaceful. And, they took me up on the challenge.
Nobody can train you to teach from the heart, but you can reach inside and find your true passion for education and then you will demonstrate what it means to be intelligent.
McCormack says that intelligence is not about grades, it’s not about holding your pencil right, sitting up straight or listening to the teacher.
Intelligence is about acceptance, empathy, compassion, communication and love. It’s about understanding what is wrong with the world and believing that you have the power to change it. The belief that you can make a difference.
Education is truly about peace and understanding between all living things.
Now let’s go out and truly change the world, one educator at a time.

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