9 Ways Exercise Helps Us Psychologically

Terry Small posted the following suggestions about the psychological benefits of exercise:

1. Growth – continuous cognitive growth is a great aim in life which helps us when we exercise.
2. Mood – exercise helps us have a positive mood state regardless of our experiences.
3. Cognition – exercise has a positive impact on our cognition.
4. Attitude – exercise improves body image, therefore our attitude.
5. Self-acceptance – exercise gives you a positive view about yourself.
6. Friendship – exercise in groups leads to more social interactions therefore more positive relationships with others.
7. Depression – exercise 3-5 times a week produces significant reduction in depression.
8. Anxiety – exercise lowers the state of anxiety and leads to higher tranquility.
9. Mastery – exercise develops environmental mastery which makes you feel in charge of situations in which you live.

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