8 Simple Habits of Charming People

I often check out YouTube for inspiration. Today I was inspired by a video about charming people. Have you ever walked into a room and became drawn to someone? Likely it’s because the person has a charming personality. I’ve noticed that they have the following habits:

1. They choose their words carefully. They think before they speak.
2. They encourage self-disclosure. Our brain is wired to enjoy talking about ourselves.
3. They radiate a warm personality- smiling, gestures, and listening skills.
4. They may crack intelligent jokes. They may find the humor in the mundane.
5. They know how to steal the limelight. They are great conversationalists.
6. They believe in themselves.
7. They readily admit to their own failures.
8. They rarely lose their temper. They can come up with solutions.

These habits remind me of Covey’s 7 Habits of Effective People. Check out my website for lessons on these habits.

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