8 Beautiful Qualities Unique to Genuine People

Emotional Intelligence needs to be genuine. Steve Wohlenhaus posted an article on LinkedIn on the qualities unique to genuine people. He stated the following:
1. Being genuine isn’t trying to make people like you. Genuine people are comfortable with the idea they can’t please everyone. They are willing to make unpopular decisions and do the right thing, even at the expense of unanimous approval. They do the right thing.
2. Being genuine isn’t passing judgment. Genuine people can interact without forming premature judgements. They maintain an open mind and listen attentively.
3. Being genuine is not pretending to be someone you aren’t. Genuine people don;’t seek approval from other people. At the same time, they don’t derive pleasure from belittling others. They are focused on their own path and don’t participate in the trivial currency of “ego gratification”. Their journey is highly personal.
4. Being genuine is not taking things personally. They recognize constructive criticism, even when it’s delivered poorly. They extract beneficial insight from the conversation and move on.
5. Being genuine is knowing when to stay off the phone. Genuine people ask pertinent questions and listen enthusiastically. When you reach for your phone you lose respect.
6. Being genuine requires domesticating your ego. Genuine people don’t require all the credit for someone else’s accomplishments. They get things done without seeking accolades.
7. Being genuine requires being consistent. They are self-confident and self-aware.
8. Being genuine is being humble. When you have a humble heart, treating people well comes naturally.

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