7 Signs Your Classroom is a Successful One

Gavin McCormack posted the following 7 Signs about Successful Classrooms:
1. VOICE – there should be noise in your classroom. Voices of discussion, cooperation, collaboration, debate and problem solving.
2. CHOICE – Can your children make decisions for themselves? Where to sit, who to work with and what to learn?
3. REFLECTION – Is there designated time for reflection in the classroom? How did I do today? What can I do better tomorrow?
4. CRITICAL THINKING – Can the children solve real life problems? Make it real.
5. INNOVATION – Do your children have the opportunity to use their own ideas? “Model what you would do and ask them to decide how they will paint their picture.”
6. SELF-ASSESSMENT – Does your timetable allow children to regulate their own learning journey? “I tried my best today in English but tomorrow I will try harder in Math.”
7. CONNECTED LEARNING – Do your lessons span the curriculum? If you’re learning about polygons, how did the Romans use them in their buildings?

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