7 Life-Changing Reasons to Pay it Forward

1. You severely decrease your ego.
It’s not about you and is a simple act of giving.You get to bring joy to someone else without getting anything in return other than, if you are lucky, the ability to witness their joy.
2. It allows you to walk the talk (and demonstrate it).
Paying it forward is not an idea, it’s an action. This action of paying it forward is the evidence that you don’t just talk about doing the right thing, you actually do it.
3. It teaches your kids (or other people’s kids).
How about instead of leaving them something physical like money, we left them with an idea that could change their life, and change future generations.
4. It sparks generosity in others.
What is cool about paying it forward is that we all learn the idea from someone who has done it. When you pay it forward, you’re teaching us about the idea and showing us firsthand what it can do. The only expectation is that we repeat the process.
5. It changes the world.
Many of the problems humans face come from the dilemma created by our ego that wants attention, and the need to fulfill our own selfish desires.
6. It takes very little time.
Paying it forward takes no time at all. See a situation, find a way to help, do it, experience the joy, and then get back to whatever it is that is making you so busy.
7. It feels right.
Gut feelings are a powerful human reaction and paying it forward is a beautiful marriage between the two. When you pay it forward, it feels right. Your gut feeling tells you to do it and validates your choice.

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