6 Signs To Identify Someone With True Leadership Skills

Marcel Schwartz’s, Founder and Chief Human Officer states the following defining attributes of great leaders.

1. They challenge their own assumptions.
They surround themselves with diverse perspectives to help them answer questions like, “How do I know my decision is the right one?” Or “Is there a better course of action here?”

2. They are radically transparent and model it for others.
Transparent leaders go beyond self-transparent behaviors: They allow others to voice their opinion and encourage emotional honesty and uncomfortable conversations in board rooms and conference rooms.

3. They are learning machines.
They champion a “learning spirit” within the organization, sending a clear message to knowledge workers that “growing our people is one of our highest priorities.”

4. They have mentors and pick them carefully.
They find tried and true mentors with a high degree of integrity they, and others, admire and would like to emulate.

5. They build strong relationships.
They become savvy about how to build relationships, how to nurture growing, evolving things. All of us will need better skills in listening, communicating, and facilitating groups, because these are the talents that build strong relationships.

6. They serve others.
They empower others to achieve their goals, bringing out the best in people, putting their needs ahead of their own, and helping people develop and reach their highest potential. We call this servant leadership – one of the highest platforms to launch your leadership success.

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