John C. Maxwell’s YouTube video this morning talks about what are the most important things to do daily as a leader. His message is basically about how important it is to value and serve someone. He says the 5 things to do every day are:
1. I value people.
2. I think of ways to add value to others.
3. I look for ways to add value to others.
4. I do things to add value to others.
5. I encourage others to add value to others.
For me this is a poignant message. I make it a point to repeat a message each day, especially when connecting with others as a leader, friend, colleague or anyone I meet. I say, “How may I serve you today?” The minute I think that, I feel a sense of my mission, of letting go of EGO, and focusing on paying attention to whomever I meet, listening to their needs and being the guide on the side to empower them.

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