5 Rules to Follow As You Find Your Spark

Simon Sinek, one of the leading leaders in this world, spoke on this topic of finding your passion. He stated the following 5 rules to follow:

1. Go after the things that you want. You don’t have to wait in line, you just can’t prevent others from getting what they want. Here Sinek tells the story of having run the marathon and wanting free bagels but his friend did not want to wait in line. Sinek eventually reached between some people and pulled out two donuts. Nobody minded.

2. Sometimes you’re the problem. Sinek tells the story of the Black Plague where women were dying of child berth. The doctors were not washing their hands between deliveries. You get to take credit when you take accountability.

3. Take care of each other first. Sinek tells the story of who gets into the navy seals. It’s not the toughest or smartest or who you know. The ones who get in are the ones who, after they are dead tired, still find the energy to help each other and learn to ask for help when they need it.

4. Be the last to speak. Nelson Mandela was once asked how come he is such a great leader. Mandela said he learned it from his father who had been a tribal chief. He said first of all, we must sit in a circle. Second, his father was always the last to speak. We must not nod at what we agree with or shake our head at what we don’t. The skill of being the last to speak gives everyone the feeling of being heard. Ask questions and why and from where they get their opinions. Then say your piece.

5. We all only deserve styrofoam cups. Sinek tells the story of a leader who used to be travelling business class, have a chauffeur, be catered to, given ceramic cups for coffee when he was an important speaker. When he no longer was in that position, he travelled ordinary class, paid for his own taxi, carried his own luggage, and was shown where the styrofoam cups were. The ceramic cup is for the position you hold, not for you.

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