30 Tips For Supporting Students With Challenging Behaviors

1. Stay calm.
2. Work as a Team To Problem Solve and Create a Safety Plan. (You are not Alone.)
3. Be Proactive.
4. Lead with Empathy.
5. Document and Keep Good Data. (Before, During & After)
6. Do Not Take Things Personally. (It’s not about you.)
7. Focus on and Reinforce the Positives.
8. Create a Safe & Quiet Space in the Room and Also a Buddy Classroom.
9. Teach Social Skills.
10. Identify the Captain of the Team to Build Relationships, Daily Check-in/out.
11. Use Fewer Words.
12. Include Stakeholders and Students in Creating a Plan.
13. Incorporate Daily Movement and Mindfulness Activities.
14. Practice /Seelf-Care.
15. Out of the Box Thinking.
16. Keep Adding Tools to Your Toolbox.
17. Monitor Progress and Modify Plan as Needed.
18. Clear and Concise Rules and Expectations based on Values.
19. Plan for Regular & Frequent Breaks.
20. Plan for Transitions & Changes in Schedules/Routines.
21. Focus on Behavior Not the Student.
22. Listen and Look for Triggers.
23. Help Identify and Implement Replacement Behaviors.
24. Build the Bank Account with Student & Family with Positive Interactions.
25. Involve Therapy and Mental Health Resources.
26. Build Hope for the Future.
27. Give More Responsibility than What is Deserved.
28. Clean Slate for You & the Student Each Day.
29. Provide Opportunities for Student to Repair Any Damage (Restorative Approach).
30. Celebrate Successes.

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